About Us

We believe that sound management of one’s finances is essential to one’s well-being and healthy lifestyle. To that end, we provide guidance and support to those in pursuit of financial preparedness.

At Hance Financial, LLC, we provide financial advice for wealth accumulation, retirement income strategies, and wealth protection. Our goal is to help our clients make smart financial decisions and be financially prepared for life.

Hance Financial, LLC was founded in 2007 because we value independence in our business and personal lives. We share this independence philosophy with our clients in the way we execute our financial planning process. People don’t want financial advice from a salesman.  Instead, they want unbiased advice and a relationship with a financial professional who is candid, trustworthy, thoroughly educated, and passionate about providing personalized financial consulting. Our independence allows us to be truly objective in the advice we give and the solutions we recommend. We are not influenced by sales incentives or directives. We are free to choose the most appropriate products and services for your risk tolerance and financial independence.

Whether you are just starting to save for retirement, already enjoying it, or somewhere in between, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to create and protect your wealth. Our team of professional advisors will work collaboratively to help  make your life better by being financially prepared for the life you desire.

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